15 Times Zendaya And Andrew Garfield Texting During Oscars Became Meme Fodder

The biggest thing that happened at this year’s Oscars was when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock out of nowhere. No one expected this and the funniest thing that fans noticed just after this was watching Zendaya and Andrew Garfield texting at the same time. Nobody knows what that was about but yet it was hilarious. Check out some funniest Zendaya and Andrew Garfield memes:

1. That’s Right!


2. Spider-Man Group Chat!

3. LOL!


4. Literally!

5. Stunning!


6. Giving Updates!

7. So Serious!


8. Secret Account!

9. OMG!


10. Broooo!

11. Best Thing!

12. OMG!


13. Same Time!

14. Haha!

15. What The Heck!

The above Zendaya and Andrew Garfield memes were a part of this year’s hilarious Oscars event, let us know which meme made you laugh the most down in the comments.

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