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Keanu Reeves is Batman In New Trailer of DC League of Super-Pets

DC has a lot of exciting projects set to come around this year. We will get to see a lot of characters getting to make their debut in the DCEU and at the same time multiple renditions of some characters. While there are a lot of live-action movies, we will also see characters in animated features. This year we will get to see three different Batmen appear in movies. But a new Batman has been added to the list with the trailer for DC League of Super-Pets revealing a Batman appearance. This new trailer solves a big mystery for us as Keanu Reeves is Batman. He finally gets his wish fulfilled.

DC League of Super-Pets

Fans are very well aware of the DC animated films from Warner Bros. This has seen a lot more successful in terms of critical response when compared to the DCEU movies and that has only made more such projects come along. Fans got to see a variety of such projects make it into the big and small screen over the years. Most of these projects actually expanded on the arc of characters and took different renditions of them. Another animated project featuring some really big names will be making it to the big screen this year. The latest trailer for the movie might have indicated another big name attached to the project.


New Trailer For DC League of Super-Pets

DC released a new trailer for DC League of Super-Pets and this time around we got to see Batman make an appearance. The voice of Batman is clearly Keanu Reeves and it seems to be perfectly fitting to the appearance of the character in this animated feature. It also features Kevin Hart’s Ace the Bat-Hound and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Krypto the Superdog. The trailer is quite parallel to the previous trailer which saw Superman appear with the voice done by John Krasinski next to The Rock’s Krypto the Superdog. This might be in order to establish the relationship between the heroes and their pets in the movie.


With a lot already happening in the DC movies set to come out this year, fans might not pay attention to this movie. This could be purely due to the animated and hilarious tone of the movie. Even though we will get to see the DC superheroes appear in the movie, they will not be highlighting the movie. The prime focus in the movie will clearly be on the pets. But Warner Bros. clearly didn’t hold back on the movie by ensuring some big names attached to the movie. We will get to see a lot of inside jokes and references to other DC projects and that is clear from this trailer itself.


Keanu Reeves Is Batman!!

We just got to see Robert Pattinson as Batman in Matt Reeves’s movie about the caped crusader. Soon we will also get to see Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck appear in their Batman roles in The Flash. It might seem like Reeves will have some tough competition but we can be sure that the tone of the appearance will be a lot different. We can expect to see him bring some stuff from his work for Duke Kaboom in Toy Story 4. The actor has the perfect voice for a hilarious take on the character of Batman and the trailer clearly fits this tone and his voice for the character.


It is exciting to see Keanu Reeves take on the role of Batman in the movie. Over the years, the actor has been theorized to appear in a lot of Marvel & DC projects but none of them actually came to fruition. The actor even talked about his interest in Batman and wanting to play the role. In an interview back in 2014, the actor stated:

I always wanted to play Wolverine. But I didn’t get that. And they have a great Wolverine now. I always wanted to play The Dark Knight. But I didn’t get that one. They’ve had some great Batmans. So now I’m just enjoying them as an audience.


This is a fun reference to the fact that Keanu Reeves will now have Batman attached to his resume. The same thing was seen when Nicholas Cage gave voice to Superman in Teen Titans GO! to the Movies. He was supposed to play the superhero in the Tim Burton movie before the project got canceled. Fans will get to witness the duo of Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appear again in an animated movie this time around.


DC League of Super-Pets will be released in theaters on May 20.

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