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20 Relatable Horror Movie Memes For The Fans

Horror movies run on the fundamental idea of “the fear of the unknown”. It’s not the grotesque face that scares you but the fear of the unknown, not knowing who will pop up over the bed while you are looking under the bed is chilling. Cinemas use surprise elements, jump scares, and loud sounds to throw you off your seats and scratch the person sitting next to you. But there are always some elements that made us fans troll them no matter what. Here are some of the funniest and the most relatable horror movie memes that will make you laugh and be scared at the same time:

1. Weee!


2. Such Losers!

3. Time To Shed Them Off!


4. Oh Yeah!

5. Cover Them Up!


6. Oh No!

7. Oops!


8. Keep Quite For A While!

9. Time To Get In!


10. Best Approach!

11. Why God Why!


12. Try To Change It!

13. Exactly!


14. I’m An Expert!

15. Boo!


16. Dark Is My Theme!

17. Still Terrifying!


18. Yes We Can!

19. Every Single Time!


20. It Does Exist!

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