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20 Hilarious Memes Trolling the Oscars

Hollywood is a weird place where nothing runs by the rules. The Oscar is considered one of the most prestigious awards in this industry. It takes years and decades for some pretty talented actors, directors, screenwriters, etc. to get this award in spite of repeated nominations. Check out some of the funniest memes trolling the Oscars:

1. LOL


2. Do This!

3. It’s Declining Soon!


4. Are You?

5. Uh Oh!


6. Best Thing Ever!

7. OMG!


8. Give Him The Oscars Already!

9. Give Him That!


10. Great Work!

11. Get This Category!


12. Haha!

13. He Did!


14. Very Strong!

15. Gonna Cry?


16. Whoaa!

17. LMAO!

18. Aww!

19. Anyways!


20. Literally!

Did you like these hilarious memes trolling the Oscars? Let us know in the comments.

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