20 Fantastic Instagram Images of Barry Keoghan (The New Joker)

Barry Keoghan is an Irish actor whom we recently saw in action in Marvel’s Eternals movie as Druig. The latest thing we heard about him was when he was chosen to play the Joker in Matt Reeves The Batman movie. The Batman was a whole new take on the world of the caped crusader and it is quite different from the past renditions of the character. And now DC has finally unveiled the highly talked about deleted scene of Joker featuring Barry Keoghan in The Batman. After watching that deleted scene we must say what an amazing performance he has given. So check out these amazing Instagram images of Barry Keoghan :

1. Cute!


2. Fantastic!

3. Amazing!


4. Spectacular!

5. Adorable Smile!


6. Aww!!

7. Hottie!


8. Perfect!

9. Talented!


10. The Eternals Cast!

11. Wow!


12. With Dwayne Johnson!

13. Cutie!


14. Chilling With Timothée Chalamet!

15. Awesome!


16. Fun Moment!

17. Money Game!


18. Terrific Actor!

19. Handsome!


20. Sexy!

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