20 Fabulous Instagram Pictures of Daniel Radcliffe

This actor doesn’t need any sort of introduction, he’s the one who brought the Harry Potter movie franchise to the very top. Daniel Radcliffe has done an outstanding performance being our very favorite Harry Potter, the boy who lived. This role landed him various film awards and nominations. He was merely a child when he started acting and we must say he impressed us all. The last time we saw him was in the Harry Potter reunion which was released on the 1st of Jan this year. What a great way to start a year it was. Check out these amazing Instagram pictures of Daniel Radcliffe:

1. Fantastic!

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2. Daniel With His Girlfriend!

3. With Andrew Garfield!

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4. Amazing The Lost City Cast!

5. Adorable!

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6. Then And Now!

7. Wow!

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8. Great!

9. Fabulous Actor!

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10. The Wonderful Trio!

11. Chamber of Secrets Cast!

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12. Wonderful!

13. So Many Dogs!

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14. Crazy Moments!

15. Awesome!

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16. Haha!

17. Daniel With Tom Felton

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18. Spectacular!

19. Damn, That Smile!

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20. He’s Obsessed With Spider-Man!

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