20 Amazing Instagram Pictures of Mark Ruffalo

One of the bigger surprises from Avengers: Endgame was Smart Hulk. We got to witness “Big Green” who just dropped on screen, leaving us with big jaw drops which were followed by millions of smiles. The actor who plays the character is one of the purest people in the world and we are really excited to see him more in Marvel’s upcoming projects. Check out these amazing Instagram pictures of Mark Ruffalo that will prove how sweet this person is in real life:

1. Whoaa!!


2. Cat Cute!

3. Amazing!


4. Haha!

5. Wow!


6. Deadpool And Hulk Together!

7. Giving Competition To Aquaman!


8. These Two!

9. Love Them!


10. Damn Hot!

11. Nature Lover!


12. Man Cancelling Suit!


13. Reconnecting!


14. This is Serious!

15. Birthday Bubble Bath!


16. Rehearse Time!

17. Endgame Moments!


18. This Wonderful Man!

19. Haha!


20. Classy!

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