20 Amazing Instagram Pictures of Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman has given his life to the role of Wolverine. He is revered for his masterfully crafted performances as the clawed mutant in X-Men movies and the independent Wolverine trilogy. It is difficult to imagine anyone else filling in his shoes, now that he is gone. He’s just an awesome actor and here we bring you some of the amazing Instagram pictures of Hugh Jackman:

1. The Laughing Man!


2. Perfect!!

3. These Two!!


4. The Real Winner!!

5. Great!!


6. Mind-Blowing!!

7. Vacation Time!!


8. Impressive!!

9. So Cool!


10. Oh yeah!!

11. Love Them Together!


12. Haha!!

13. Stylish And Funny!!


14. Great Selfie!

15. Water Man!


16. He Loves The Sea!

17. Amazing!


18. Adorable!

19. Aww!

20. So Hot!

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