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18 Funniest Harry Osborn And Peter Parker Memes

The Green Goblin debuted in the cinematic Spider-verse back in 2002 in the first Spider-Man, directed by Sam Raimi. The notorious villain died in the climax but kept returning in the hallucinations of his son, Harry Osborn (James Franco). Franco’s Osborn, following in his father’s footsteps, became the new and improved Green Goblin. He took on the mantle of Green Goblin in 2007’s Spider-Man 3 and attacked Tobey’s Spider-Man to avenge his father’s death. However, he realizes that Spidey was not responsible for Norman’s death and forgave him and even sacrificed himself for his best friend to kill Venom. Fans really liked these two and so here we bring you some of the funniest Harry Osborn and Peter Parker memes:

1. Very Genius!


2. Nevermind!

3. One Last Ride!


4. Haha!

5. Super Nuts!


6. Anyways!

7. No No!


8. Average At Best!

9. LOL!


10. Damn!

11. LMAO!


12. Only One!

13. Seriously, What’s Up!


14. That’s Right!

15. Mocking Well!


16. Crazy!

17. First Time!


18. That Crossover!

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