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20 Hilarious WW3 Memes Amid Rising Ukraine-Russia Tensions

The last few years have been tough on the human race and just as we started to get ready for a normal summer, Putin struck Ukraine! We may be on the verge of World War III but what’s crazy is that this time history will be recorded in memes. If you’re tensed, then you could look at these hilarious WW3 memes to lighten the mood. I’m sorry if you’re from Ukraine though!

1. LOL!!



2. Literally!!

3. Damn!!


4. Oh No!!

5. OMG!!


6. Whoaa!!

7. LOL!!


8. Oh Yeah!!

9. Let’s Do It!!


10. Might Be!!

11. Why, God, Why?


12. Exactly!!

13. Okay!!


14. On The Way!!

15. Oh No!!


16. Haha!!

17. Whoops!!


18. This Is A Great Time To Do So!

19. Wait, What?


20. Don’t Stop!!

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