20 Fan Reactions to the Lightyear Trailer

Pixar has been developing a Toy Story prequel based on Buzz Lightyear for the last 5 years. And now, we’ve finally got the second trailer of Lightyear, which will reveal how, and why Buzz Lightyear went on to get his own infamous toy line. And here we bring you some of the most amazing fan reactions to the Lightyear trailer:

1. Lol!!


2. This Is Happening!!

3. That Glow Up!!


4. That Peace!!

5. Awesome!!


6. Keep Them Coming!!

7. Aww!!


8. Super Smash Bros!

9. So Excited!!


10. to Infinity!!

11. That’s Right!!


12. Choose Your Side!!

13. Get Ready!!


14. Oh yeah!!

15. Exactly!!


16. Woah!!

17. Badass!!


18. Shield Your Eyes!!

19. The Icon!!


20. Can’t-Wait!!

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