20 Fan Reactions For Andrew Garfield’s Oscar Nomination

Andrew Garfield denied his involvement in Spider-Man: No Way Home but fans went crazy when they finally saw him in the movie. After watching him so many years later, fans now are demanding him to bring him back in The Amazing Spider-Man sequel. He gave his greatest performance in the movie, Tick Tick Boom and for that, he has been nominated for the Oscars. Fans are really happy with his nomination and so here we bring you some of the amazing fan reactions for Andrew Garfield’s Oscar Nomination:

1. Totally!!



2. Tick Tick Boom!!


3. Absolutely!!



4. Well Deserved!!

5. That’s Right!!


6. Awesome!!

7. So Exciting!!


8. Best Actor Himself!!

9. Doing It Right!!


10. Let’s Make A Thread!!

11. Totally Justified!!


12. Congrats!!

13. He’s Legend!!


14. Perfect!!

15. Exactly!!


16. Very Talented!!

17. Best One!!


18. So Proud!!

19. Two Time Nominee!!


20. That’s Right!!

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