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20 Crazy Mera Memes That Show How Much Fans Hate Her

Queen Mera is the character played by the actress, Amber Heard. She has been in news since her brutal divorce from the most talented actor, Johnny Depp, and fans are blaming her for destroying Johnny Depp’s career. So here we brought you these crazy Mera memes that show how much fans don’t like Amber Heard as Queen Mera:

1. A Whole Lot of Crazy!!


2. Understood!!

3. We Don’t Want That!


4. Oh Agatha!

5. Oh God!!


6. Seriously!

7. Absolutely!!


8. STFU!

9. Oops!


10. Great!

11. Harsh!!


12. Haha!

13. Nooo!!


14. No You Don’t!!

15. Are You?


16. Yukk!!

17. Like A Turd!!


18. Woah!!

19. LOL!


20. Nonsense!

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