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18 Patrick Stewart In Doctor Strange 2 Memes

Disney spent a huge amount of money to acquire 20th Century Fox, and it’s time that they start using those assets. Right when these assets came into Kevin Feige’s arsenal, he claimed that the MCU will go through what it has planned for the next 4-5 years and start using the likes of X-Men and Fantastic Four. And we recently watched the new Doctor Strange 2 trailer which showed so many new characters involved in the movie. The best thing which excited us was the involvement of something new which could be the Illuminati having Patrick Stewart in it. Check out the funniest Patrick Stewart in Doctor Strange 2 memes:

1. We ARe Really Hoping That!!


2. Uh Oh!!

3. Woah!!


4. So Cool!

5. Must Be True!!


6. Literally!!

7. OMG!!


8. LOL!!

9. Very Confusing!!


10. This Would Be Fun!!

11. Super Impossible!!


12. We Knew It!!

13. Perfect!!


14. That’s Right!!

15. Oops!


16. Haha!!

17. That Secret!!


18. LOL!!

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