18 Fan Reactions To The Rings of Power Trailer

We are going to get another chance to go inside the Tolkien World with the upcoming series based on this world. Peter Jackson brought the world to screen with two of the best movie series in the last two decades. The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit trilogy gave us a cinematic masterpiece that is well respected globally. New Super Bowl trailer of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power have been released, giving us a look at young Galadriel & Elrond, and a lot of other new characters. Check out the most amazing fan reactions to The Rings of Power trailer:

1. LOL!!


2. This Is It!

3. So Cool!


3. Oh yeah!!

4. Quiet The Reimagining!


5. Haha!!

6. That’s Right!!


7. Power Trailer Event!!

8. Ever Wondered!


9. Hell Yeah!!

10. High Standards!


11. Awesome!!

12. Unexpected Bonus!

13. Perfect!!

14. Seriously!


15. Best One!

16. Extreme!


17. This Is Crazy!

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