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20 Times Fans Trolled The Lizard From No Way Home

So it’s safe to say that we all have watched Spider-Man: No Way Home now. The movie brings out everything which every fan ever expected and all loved the movie. The lizard was one of the Sinister Six villains who came back on the screen but only got very little screen time, and here we bring you some of the funniest ways through which fans trolled the Lizard from No Way Home:

1. Woah!


2. Haha!!

3. Oh No!


4. Again With The Boner Joke!

5. Very Personally!


6. LOL!

7. Nobody!


8. If You Know, You Know!

9. WTF!


10. What if?

11. Haha!!


12. That’s About Right!

13. Haha!


14. Not Now, Connors!

15. The Plot!


16. Best Thing!

17. Damn!


18. LMAO!

19. That’s How It Feels!


20. No Way!

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