20 Reactions Showing How Badly Fans Want Andrew Garfield In Morbius

Andrew Garfield denied his involvement in Spider-Man: No Way HomeĀ but fans went crazy when they finally saw him in the movie. After watching him so many years later, fans now are demanding him to bring him back in the The Amazing Spider-Man sequel. Recently, Morbius movie got delayed to April 1st, 2022, and fans are saying that it must have gotten delayed because of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man involvement in the movie. Check out these amazing reactions showing how badly the fans want Andrew Garfield in Morbius:

1. All Are Connected!


2. He Will Return!

3. Quick Reshoot!



4. He Deserves It!


5. Oh Yeah!


6. This Is The Reason!

7. LOL!


8. This Could Be Fun!

9. Easy Peasy!


10. Totally!

11. Rumored!


12. TASM 3

13. Haha!!


14. Crazy Fans!

15. Bring This!!


16. Happy To Be Wrong!

17. We Want This!


18. Trust Me!

19. That’s Right!


20. Make This Happen!

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