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20 Laughable Memes Roasting Star Wars Characters

Star Wars is one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood and it has the biggest fandom from around the world. It has the greatest prequels and the sequels which impressed the fans so much. It has been quite a while since we got The Mandolorian season 2 on Disney Plus. It belongs to a very rich culture with a very mysterious history. Also now we’re getting the series for Boba Fett, fans are much more excited. Check out these funniest memes roasting Star Wars characters:

1. Exactly!


2. Oops!

3. Oh Yeah!


4. They Can Hear!

5. Priorities Changed!


6. No It’s Not!

7. It Never Gets Old!


8. Haha!

9. Oh Yeah!


10. Uh Oh!

11. Noo!


12. LOL!

13. Ser Baby Yoda!


14. LMAO!

15. You’re Gonna Love It!


16. Haha!!

17. Relatable!


18. Santalorian!

19. Exactly!


20. Oh God No!

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