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20 Funny Sersi Memes From The Eternals

Sersi is the Prime Eternal and is a human-kind loving Eternal. The character has been played by the actress, Gemma Chan who was also in another Marvel movie, Captain Marvel. Check out these funny Sersi memes that will make you laugh out loud:

1. Not Again!!


2. Oh Yeah!!

3. Oh No!


4. Wait, What?

5. LOL!!


6. Who?

7. Haha!!


8. LOL!!

9. That’s Right!!


10. WTF!!

11. LMAO!!


12. So Annoying!!

13. Anyway!!


14. Damn Right!!

15. Oh God!!


16. Wow!!

17. Nice One!!


18. Literally!!

19. That’s What She Wants!!


20. Crazy!!

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