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20 Funniest Sprite Memes From Eternals

Sprite is one of the most powerful characters from The Eternals who is trapped physically in a child’s body. The character is portrayed by the actress, Lia McHugh. Here we bring you some of the funniest Sprite memes that fans made on her. These will surely make you laugh out loud:

1. LOL!!


2. Give Her The Sprite!!

3. Haha!!


4. Oops!!

5. Yess!!


6. Oh No!

7. Haha!!


8. As Always!!

9. Why The Hell!!


10. LAMO!!

11. WTF!!


12. Rock Supremacy!

13. Not Dead!!


14. Crazy!!

15. Wanna Play!


16. Cute!!

17. Very Addictive!!


18. Just Like That!!

19. Ultimate!!


20. Teach Her!

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