20 Fan Reactions And Memes On Morbius Being Delayed

Various projects from 2020 faced massive delays in production and the production houses also delayed the release of some major projects. This saw some of the biggest projects being released in the second half of the year and the move actually helped. Amongst the various superhero projects that were released last year, Sony saw some major profit with two of its biggest projects released last year. But the same cannot be said for another one of its projects set in the SPUMC, Morbius. This film has been going through delays since July 2020. And today’s news update is nothing new as the Morbius release date has been delayed once again. Check out these fan reactions and memes on Morbius being delayed:

1. LOL!


2. Haha!

3. Legendary battle!


4. Literally!

5. Stop That!


6. Not again!

7. Is It True?


8. Amateurs!

9. Ironic!

Memes On Morbius Being Delayed


10. Noo!

11. What Is happening!


12. Totally!

13. Damn!


14. Sad!

15. Can’t Believe!


16. WTF!

17. Okay!


18. Exactly My Reaction!

19. Not Suspicious At All!


20. Haha!

Did you relate to these reactions and memes on Morbius being delayed? Let us know in the comments.

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