20 Fan Reactions For The Batman New Trailer From Twitter

Batman has been part of the DC community for a long time. He has established his presence as one of the predominant superheroes in the DC verse. Even when it comes to media the caped crusader has been the frontrunner in the movie department. He has earned more than the rest of DC superheroes combined. The Dark Knight Trilogy alone has been a great source of fame for DC. Now, WB is trying to bring the same magic as DCEU with The Batman where Robert Pattinson is going to be Bruce Wayne/Batman. WB released The Batman – The Bat And The Cat trailer. Check out all the amazing fan reactions for The Batman new trailer from Twitter:

1.  Best Comic Book Movies!


2. She’s Awesome!!

3. New Synopsis!


4. Definitely!

5. LOL!!


6. Wow!!

7. That’s Right!


8. Born To Play The Batman!

9. Visually Amazing!!


10. Great!!

11. Best Bruce Wayne!


12. Loving The City!!

13. So Sick!


14. Can’t Wait!!

15. Masterpiece!


16. Superb!!

17. Bring It On!


18. Dashing Batman!

19. Literally!


20. Positive In Every Sense!

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