Veronica Movie Download In Hindi 720p Filmyzilla in High Definition [HD]

Veronica Movie Download In Hindi 720p Filmyzilla – Veronica (Spanish: Verónica) is a 2017 Spanish box office supernatural horror flick whose direction work was done by Paco Plaza.


Veronica Movie Download In Hindi 720p Filmyzilla

Plot of the Movie

  • When a solar eclipse is underway, a teenage girl and her friends come together.
  • With a wish to summon the spirit of the former’s father using an Ouija board. 
  • Unaware of the fact that everything will go out of control during the session.
  • As the girl loses her consciousness.
  • Followed by the arrival of evil demons. 


Cast of the Movie

  • Sandra Escacena as Verónica
  • Bruna González as Lucía
  • Claudia Placer as Irene
  • Iván Chavero as Antoñito
  • Ana Torrent as Ana
  • Consuelo Trujillo as Sister Death
  • Sonia Almarcha as Doctor
  • Maru Valduvielso as Josefa
  • Leticia Dolera as History Teacher
  • Ángela Fabián as Rosa
  • Samuel Romero
  • Carla Campra as Diana


About Songs of the Movie

Veronica contained no audio tracks as per the latest update. 


Some Interesting Facts About the Movie

  • Veronica was shown at the Contemporary World Cinema section.
  • During the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. 
  • Veronica’s script was picked from the true events that happened in the 1991 Vallecas case.
  • When Estefanía Gutiérrez Lázaro was found dead amidst mysterious circumstances after using a ouija board.
  • 25th of August 2017 was Verónica’s Spanish theatrical screening debut date.
  • It was later on screened in 8 other nations.
  • With the screening across all nations being spread between the months of December 2017 up until February 2018.


Estefania Guttierez Lazaro

  • Estefania Guttierez Lazaro (1973 – 1991).
  • As per the official reports, she was a victim of hallucinations & seizures.
  • After she tried the séance at a school in Madrid aiming to contact her friend’s late boyfriend who had died 6 months earlier. 
  • Exact cause behind Lazaro’s death is an unsolved mystery as of now.
  • But there are rumors that Lazaro’s house allegedly became haunted after her death, according to the British music magazine NME.


Sandra Escacena

Sandra Escacena’s performance in Veronica earned her a nomination: 

  • For the Goya Award for the Best New Actress. 
  • And for the Feroz Award for the Best Main Actress in a Film.


Veronica Movie In Hindi 720p Filmyzilla Download Here

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