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Encanto Full Movie Download – Encanto is a 2021 American computer-animated musical fantasy comedy helmed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush and co-directed by Charise Castro Smith. 


encanto full movie download

Plot of the Movie

Encanto is the story of a young Colombian girl who has to face the frustration of being the only member of her family without magical powers.


Cast of the Movie

  • Stephanie Beatriz As Mirabel Madrigal,The Protagonist, 
  • Who, Unlike Her Family, Does Not Have A Special Gift A
  • Nd Is Described As “Imperfect, Weird, And Quirky, 
  • But Also Deeply Emotional And Incredibly Empathetic”.
  • John Leguizamo As Bruno Madrigal, Mirabel’s 
  • Excluded Uncle Who Has 
  • The Ability To See The Future.


  • María Cecilia Botero As Abuela Alma Madrigal, 
  • Mirabel’s Grandmother.
  • Botero Will Reprise Her Role In The 
  • Spanish-Language Dubbing Of The Movie.
  • Diane Guerrero As Isabela Madrigal, 
  • Mirabel’s Oldest Sister Who Is Considered “Perfect” 
  • And “A Success”. 
  • She Can Make Flowers Bloom Everywhere.


  • Jessica Darrow As Luisa Madrigal, 
  • Mirabel’s Second Oldest Sister 
  • Who Has The 
  • “Biggest Biceps In Disney History” 
  • And “[Carries] All The Burdens And Never [Complains]”. 
  • She Has Superhuman Strength.
  • Angie Cepeda As Julieta Madrigal, 
  • Mirabel’s Mother And Agustín’s Wife 


  • Who Can Heal Others With Her Cooking.
  • Cepeda Will Reprise 
  • Her Role In The Spanish 
  • And Italian-Language Dubbings Of The Movie.
  • Wilmer Valderrama As Agustín Madrigal, 
  • Mirabel’s Father And Julieta’s Husband.
  • Carolina Gaitán As Pepa Madrigal, 
  • Mirabel’s Aunt And Félix’s Wife Who Is “Overly Emotional”. 
  • She Can Control The Weather.


  • Gaitán Will Reprise Her Role In 
  • The Spanish-Language Dubbing Of The Movie.
  • Mauro Castillo As Félix Madrigal, 
  • Mirabel’s Uncle And Pepa’s Husband 
  • Who Balances Her Out And Is “There To Have A Good Time”.
  • Castillo Will Reprise His Role 
  • In The Spanish-Language Dubbing Of The Movie.
  • Adassa As Dolores Madrigal, 
  • Pepa And Félix’s Oldest Daughter, 
  • Camilo And Antonio’s Sister, And Mirabel’s Cousin. 
  • She “Knows Everyone’s Dirt” Via Enhanced Hearing.
  • Rheinzy Feliz As Camilo Madrigal, 
  • Pepa And Félix’s Son, 
  • Dolores And Antonio’s Brother, 
  • And Mirabel’s Cousin 
  • Who “Doesn’t Quite Know Who He Is Yet” 
  • And Has The Ability To Shape-Shift.
  • Ravi-Cabot Conyers As Antonio Madrigal, 
  • Pepa And Félix’s Youngest Son, 
  • Dolores And Camilo’s Brother, 
  • And Mirabel’s Cousin 
  • Who Looks Up To Her 
  • And Considers Her A Big Sister. 
  • He Can Speak To Animals.
  • Maluma As Mariano Guzman, 
  • Isabela’s Suave And Handsome Fiancé.
  • Alan Tudyk As Pico, A Clueless Toucan.


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