20 Exciting Fan Reactions To Spider-Man 4, 5 & 6 Feat. Tom Holland

As the fans eagerly wait for the Spider-Man: No Way Home to hit the big screens, Sony Pictures and Marvel Entertainment never miss the chance to tease their fans. Recently, Amy Pascal, former Chairperson of the Motion Pictures Group of Sony Pictures Entertainment, did the unspeakable. She has already announced Spider-Man 4, 5 & 6 after NWH. Like the fans didn’t already have too much on their plates! Still, we’re happy to know that he is going nowhere as Marvel is developing Spider-Man 4. Check out the fan reactions to Spider-Man 4 with Tom Holland and co:

1. Next Question!!


2. LOL!!

3. We Won!!



4. Oh Yeah!!

5. Oh Wow!!


6. Haha!!


7. We’re Done!!


8. Yes Dear!!

9. Only Three!!


10. He’s Not Leaving!!

Fan Reactions To Spider-Man 4

11. Literally!!


12. Seriously!!

13. He’s Awesome!!


14. Hehe!!



16. Best Titles!!

17. Exactly!!


18. So Glad!!

19. Wow!!

20. LMAO!!

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