Chris Evans And Several Fans React To The Lightyear Trailer From Pixar

Pixar has been developing a Toy Story prequel based on Buzz Lightyear for the last 5 years. And now, we’ve finally got the first trailer of Lightyear, which will reveal how, and why Buzz Lightyear went on to get his own infamous toy line. Watch the trailer right here if you haven’t. And then look at how Chris Evans and several other fans have reacted to the Lightyear trailer from Pixar.

The Trailer

1. Much Better!!


2. He’s The Big Disney Fan!!

3. Goosebumps!


4. Perfect Match!

5. Wow!!


6. Pretty Accurate!!

7. The Parallels!


8. Yeyee!!

9. Finally Make Sense!!


10. Totally!!

11. Haha!!


12. So Good!!

13. Let Her In!!


14. So Epic!!

15. Absolutely!!


16. LOL!!

17. Dream Come True!!


18. Awesome!

19. That’s All Of Us!!


20. Hilarious!!

Did you like the Lightyear Trailer from Pixar? Are you excited for Evans’ portrayal? Let us know!

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