20 Exciting Fan Reactions To The House Of The Dragon Trailer

Without a doubt, Game Of Thrones has to be one of the most massive television events of the decade. The series was able to make a massive impact on its audience. The success of the show has allowed HBO to work on a prequel series named House of the Dragon. We got the teaser trailer and it is looking quite amazing. Check out the amazing fan reactions to the House of The Dragon trailer from Twitter:

1. It’s Happening!


2. Get Ready!

3. Let’s Go!


4. The Craziness!

5. Surprise!!


6. Flying high!

7. So Hot!


8. That’s Right!

9. Absolutely!

10. Can’t-Wait!


11. Totally!

12. Exactly!

13. The Excitement is Wild!


14. It’s Going To Be Big!

15. Oh Yeah!

16. Great!


17. Woah!

18. Hopefully!


19. LOL!

20. Awesome!

Did you relate to these reactions to the House of the Dragon trailer? Are you excited about this series? Let us know.

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