19 Infamous Characters Who Are Much Older Than They Look

We all love to watch movies and TV shows and it would be much more fascinating when the genre is fantasies. We see these characters and we instantly fall in love with them but it is really shocking when their real age is being revealed. Check out these fictional characters who are much older than they look in their respective franchises:

1. Frodo Baggins is 50 Years Old


2. Wolverine is 197 Years Old

3. Connor MacLeod is Almost 500 Years Old


4. Lestat De Lioncourt is 236 Years Old

5. Thor is 1,500 Years Old


6. Armand is Over 500 Years Old

7. Aragorn is 87 Years Old and Managed To Live For 210 Years


8. Blade is 90 Years Old

9. Chewbacca is 234 Years Old

10. Rita Repulsa Is Over 10,000 Years Old

11. Geralt Of Rivia is Nearly 100 Years Old


12. Dumbledore is 116 Years Old

13. Hellboy Is At Least In His 70s But Maybe He’s over 400 Years Old


14. Jack Reacher is Around 50 Years Old

15. Edward Cullen is 104 Years Old


16. Angel is 270 Years Old

17. Wonder Woman is 900 Years Old


18. Mystique is Over 100 Yeras Old

19. Grogu is 50 years Old

These were all the characters who are much older than they look in their projects.

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