20 Reactions To The MCU Cut And Paste Comment of Denis Villeneuve

Denis Villeneuve is an amazing director who is known for his great work in Blade Runner 2049 and now his most anticipated directed movie Dune is going to release this year. He recently made a comment on Marvel Studios that – “Perhaps the problem is that we are in front of too many Marvel movies that are nothing more than a ‘cut and paste’ of others. Perhaps these types of movies have turned us into zombies a bit… But big and expensive movies of great value there are many today. I don’t feel capable of being pessimistic at all.” This statement has turned the Marvel fans and others to bring on a great battle for discussion. Check out the reactions to the cut and paste comment of Denis Villeneuve that you might relate to if you are a true Marvel fan:

1. Take That Back Right Now!!


2. Wait, What!!

3. Is It?


4. LOL!!

5. Oh No!!


6. Noooo!!

7. It’s On!!


8. Haha!!

9. Seriously!!


10. Common Sense!!

11. True!!


12. WTF!!

13. Bad!!


14. Absolutely!

15. Do Not Care At All!


16. Woah!!

17. Oops!!


18. LMAO!!

19. Angry Fans!!


20. Hate This One!!

Did you also react in the same way as these Marvel fans to the Cut and Paste comment of Denis Villeneuve? Let us know.

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