20 Awesome Fan Reactions to the Red Notice Trailer From Twitter

Netflix just launched the first trailer of their biggest film of the year, Red Notice. This is their biggest budgeted feature film until this record gets taken over by films like The Grey Man and the Knives Out sequels. Why do we need to be excited about Red Notice? Well, there are 3 reasons – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Oh and yes, there are two more reasons – Gal Gadot, and the merc with a mouth, Mint Mobile! If you didn’t watch the Ryan Reynolds starrer Red Notice Trailer, then you could watch it right here. And if you did, then check out these reactions to the Red Notice Trailer, and see if you’d relate to them:

1. Noticed Red!!

2. The Parallels!!

3. Blueprint!!


4. Can’t-Wait!!

5. She’s Absolute Gorgeous!!


6. Those Action Scenes!!

7. Amazing!!


8. Super Excited!!

9. Best One!!


10. Hello, Boys!!

11. Super Fabulous!!


12. Wow!!

13. OMG!!


14. That’s Right!

15. Haha!!


16. True!!

17. Can’t-Wait To Watch Ryan Reynolds!!


18. Who Did This!!

19. Going To Watch It!!


20. The Only Reason!!

Did you relate to these reactions to the Red Notice Trailer? Let us know in the comments.

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