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20 Times Sebastian Stan Behaved Crazy & Fans Loved It

Sebastian Stan has come off of a hugely successful MCU series. Having played Bucky Barnes in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Stan is among the biggest names of the MCU. He is very good-looking, very handsome, and a very talented actor. Unlike his character, he is one of the funniest actors and that can be proved by his funny posts and comments. Check out these funniest posts by fans which shows how they liked it when Sebastian Stan behaved crazy:

1. Lol, Who Did It Better?

2. His Face!!

3. Yes, Yes We Believe You!!

4. Absolutely Not Drunk!!

5. Awwww!!

6. True!!

7. We Won’t!!

8. Sebastian Stan Phase!!

9. He’s So Excited!!

10. Adorable!!

11. How Sweet!!

12. OMG!!

13. Accidentally Went To Tom’s Autograph Table!!

14. He Has Our Heart!!

Sebastian Stan Behaved Crazy

15. So So Done!!

16. This Is Why!!

17. The Bestest!!

18. Woah!!

19. Super Kidding!!

20. Anthony Must Be In Peace Now!!

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