Softonic Minecraft Pocket Edition in HD For Free

Softonic Minecraft Pocket Edition


About Minecraft

Minecraft is a world mainstream 3D sandbox game. While playing this game, you get to assemble your reality by the container with your excellent creative mind. Players can look out for different types of resources, and with their help, they can create new blocks, framework and weapons. 

softonic minecraft pocket edition

Not just that, Minecraft has achieved a milestone of 500M downloads in just 5 years. Minecraft was released for public consumption back in 2015, on Playstore for Android users, having a file size of only 155 MB.  

Features Of Minecraft  

  • It gives its best on devices with Android 4.1 and above.
  • You can unlock all types of skin.
  • The latest free update includes cylinders, wilderness sanctuaries, surface packs, and Xbox Live, including Achievements!
  • Players can play together any time anywhere, in fact there is no time duration or limitations.
  • The player assumes a personality in an open world without a particular objective, allowing him to do what you like uninhibitedly.
  • In Minecraft, players get a hands-on experience of different terrains such as plains hills, cave swamp desert forest and many different water bodies.
  • Additionally, it will also show different villagers, animals, food that you can make like beef, sheep, fish and chicken.
  • Minecraft altogether accounts for different time tables including day and night, with a cycle of 20 minutes or so in actual time duration.
  • You get to create your world. Before the night arrives, you have to find a shelter,  either dig a cave or anything else into attaining material for the house.
  • Minecraft will help you experience real-life adventures so you may be hungry at the moment and you have to go in search of chicken, pig and cow.
  • With Minecraft’s help, you can also become a farmer, which ultimately helps you plant seedlings and reclaim a large land.

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