All Unforgettable Loki Variants That Made a Huge Impact

Disney+’s Loki has changed Marvel Cinematic Universe into a Marvel Multiverse with various realities and divergent timelines. Part of this process has depicted versions of characters from alternate timelines called variants. The protagonist of the series is also a variant Loki. In the fifth episode, Loki travels through a realm called the Void, a place where variants are sent while their realities are destroyed by the TVA. Some other versions of Marvel’s Loki might be residing in the Void. Most of them have appeared as background characters but they are not likely to be forgotten soon.

Unforgettable Loki Variants

1. The Simpsons Loki Homage

The Simpsons are not a part of the MCU. But since Disney owns The Simpsons and Marvel Entertainment, it’s worth including the version of Loki shown in “The Good, The Bart and the Loki”. Moreover, the Simpsons special episode is directly made to align with the Loki TV show. There can be a Simpsons-style Loki. This depiction of the character is the same as MCU’s Loki, except that he is condemned to Springfield for his crimes. With this episode, The Simpsons writers properly linked both the franchises.

2. Loki L1130 is the protagonist of the series

The protagonist of the Loki series is played by Tom Hiddleston and is based on the main MCU version as seen in Thor, The Avengers, and Avengers: Infinity War. But he is not the same character at all. Instead, he is a variant. He is officially designated L1130 by the TVA. He is very sympathetic and a tragic character filled with deep sadness and longing as he strives to be more than just another lonely and lying trickster.

3. Alligator Loki became an instant fan favorite

The Alligator Loki is one of the variants that has been liked by MCU fans. Despite being an alligator, the character has a lot of charisma and has many moments where he takes the center stage. He fights the other variants, provides his own growling personal opinions on matters, and demonstrates loyalty to his companions. Just through his existence, he also subverts the audience’s expectations in a very fun way.

4. The Charismatic Boastful Loki

Unforgettable Loki Variants

Boastful Loki has been a very striking character clad in fur-trimmed garments and carrying his version of Mjolnir. He tells a story of how he defeated the Avengers of his timeline and claimed the Infinity Stones for himself and is called out for lying by Alligator Loki. He betrayed his allies and sold them out to President Loki. President Loki then predictably betrayed Boastful Loki and this led to a brawl between all the Loki variants.

5. Kid Loki is a natural leader

Fans of Marvel Comics may know Marvel’s Kid Loki as one of the most recognizable forms assumed by Loki over the years. He is a manifestation of Loki’s innocence and is a version of Loki with his whole life ahead of him that gives him the potential to shape his future without bearing the burdens of the past. In the Void, he is the leader of a group of variant Lokis from various timelines in the MCU. The fact that he is a leader speaks to his immense power and natural abilities. He cares and looks after the others which are rare among Lokis.

6. President Loki

Unforgettable Loki Variants

The 2016 United States Presidential Election exposed most of the ruthless aspects of American politics. Whatever transpired looked almost akin to a bad parody of a comic supervillain in its over-the-top nature and people in the U.S. and abroad became disillusioned with the American political machine. Marvel capitalized the disillusionment with a four-issue miniseries called Vote Loki. If U.S. politics was looking more and more like comic villainy, this can be turned into satire. The comic-inspired President Loki leads an attack on the group of sympathetic Lokis and loses his right hand in the most gruesome fashion.

7. Sylvie is a version of the Enchantress

The Enchantress is a villain who wields powerful magic. According to the comics, the original character was named Amora but another, young Enchantress was named Sylvie Lushton. Loki’s Sylvie is based on Enchantress. But she is a Loki variant according to the show. She was hunted by the TVA from early childhood and spent her life seeking vengeance on them and attempting to tear down the entire agency and expose their secrets and lies. Sylvie is a skilled fighter and brilliant tactician but she is lonely and jaded after a life of run.

8. Marvel’s Classic Loki has powerful magic and charisma to match

Marvel’s Avengers were formed to stop Loki and this is true in the MCU as well as comics. The Loki variant called Classic Loki seems like he stepped out of the pages of the early Silver Age comics. Also, he doesn’t just look the part. He speaks and moves like Silver Age Loki. He possesses incredible magical power along with a forceful personality. He represents the classic version of the character.

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