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20 Tom Holland And Zendaya Memes Celebrating Their Latest Reveal

Tom Holland and Zendaya play Spider-Man and MJ in the Spider-Man movies and they are the love interests of each other in the MCU. We loved the chemistry between them and at one point in time fans wanted them to be in a real-life relationship, but they refused the rumor to be true. And now that the third Spider-Man movie is on the line, fans have spotted them together. Recently the internet crashed with the two of them caught kissing each other in the car. This confirms that the two are actually dating and fans are drooling over the news. Some would say they are the new Tony Stark and Pepper Potts of the MCU. Check out these funniest Tom Holland and Zendaya memes that will convince you that they are totally in love in real-life as well:

1. Aww!!

2. All Of Us RN!!

3. Haha!!

4. Challenge Accepted!!

5. LOL!!

6. Sweet!!

7. These Two!!

8. Oh Tom!!

9. Perfect Couple!!

10. Trolling Each Other!!

11. Clearly!!

12. So Tall!!

13. LOL!!

14. Literally!!

15. Best One!!

16. Hehe!!

17. Ayyy!!

18. Typical!!

19. True!!

20. Real Quick!!

Aren’t they the cutest couple? Did you enjoy these Tom Holland And Zendaya Memes? Let us know in the comments.

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