20 Times Fans Absolutely Adored Loki That Made Him Too Good To Be A Villain

Tom Hiddleston is one of the most handsome and charismatic guys working in Hollywood. He gained immense fame for his role Loki in “The Avengers”. He was ruthless and forced Nick Fury to assemble Earth’s mightiest superheroes to save the world. Then he died as a hero in Avengers: Infinity War and we thought that it’s over but how can it be when he just escapes in Endgame and now we are getting a whole series which is going to revolve around him and we can’t just wait enough to see him. Check out the hilarious ways through which fans absolutely adore him for being Loki:

1. Keep Going!!

2. The Way He Dances!!

3. How Adorable He Looks!!

4. Perfect!!

5. Smile More!!!

6. I Wanna Do That To Him Too!!

7. Hehe!!

8. We Want To See Them On Screen Too!!

9. Oopss!!

10. Literally The Best One!!

11. Love At First Sight!!

12. Loki By Loki!!

13. But He Is Back Now!!

14. LOL!!

15. That’s Me!!

16. How Cute He Is!!

17. Aww!!

18. His Eyes!!

19. Tom With His Toys!!

20. He Is Not Going to Give it Back!!

Pooja Singh

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