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20 Funniest Memes That Will Make Us Miss Thor And Loki Together

Thor and Loki are the Norse gods from Marvel comics. Thor is the God of Thunder while Loki is the God of Mischief. Loki has always been a pain in the a** for Thor. And now We are getting Loki Series on Disney Plus which is going to be his standalone movie that means without Thor and we are absolutely going to miss them together. Check out these funniest Thor and Loki memes that will make you burst into laughter:

1. So Perfect!!

2. Oh Boy!!

3. No Fun Anymore!!

4. Haha!!!

5. Loki, Is That You!!

6. Stealing Thunder!!

7. Oh God!!

8. Aww, Loki!!

9. Cute!!

10. That’s Even Better!!

11. LOL!!

12. Pure Sibling Thing!!

13. Get Help!!

14. Thor Misses His Hair!!

15. No!!

16. The Reunion!!

17. Haha!!

18. He Has An Army!!

19. He Is Adopted!!

20. Nevermind!!

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