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Aranmanai Kili Mp3 Song Download – Aranmanai Kili (English Meaning : Palace’s Parrot) is a 2018 Tamil-language family soap opera that aired on Vijay TV and was produced by TRM Sri Barati Associate.  


aranmanai kili mp3 song download

Plot of Aranmanai Kili

Janaki, a servant’s daughter, is forced to marry Arjun, a physically disabled man in order to save her family’s name. But the couple soon begins to fall for each other and overcome all odds.

Cast of Aranmanai Kili

  • Monisha Arshak as Janaki Arjun Sundareshwar (Jaanu) : A childlike, innocent girl, who is forced to marry the physically challenged man Arjun, she inspires Meenakshi as her idol.
  • Surya Darshan as Arjun Sundareshwar : A disabled and short tempered but rich man. He hates Jaanu, since when they met each other, later develops feelings for her.
  • Pragathi as Meenakshi Sundareshwar (Arjun’s mother) : A kind-hearted and powerful business woman, she looks happy to the outworld but she is actually sad thinking about Arjun’s life.
  • Neelima Rani as Durga Raghavan : Arjun’s cousin, believes that Meenakshi has caused her misfortunes and is seeking revenge on her.
  • Gayathri Yuvraaj as Renuka (Renu) : Jaanu’s elder sister who runs away when her marriage got fixed with Arjun, later she comes back to get revenge on Meenakshi for humiliating her by marrying Arjun’s younger brother, Arun, also to protect Jaanu by standing up to justice.
  • Santhosh as Arun Sundareshwar : Arjun’s younger brother, who has been taking care of Meenakshi’s construction business, falls in love with Renu and eventually marries her.
  • Gayathri Priya as Devi (Durga’s mother) : She is an insane woman who was locked in a room and cared for by Durga but rescued by Jaanu later, she hates Meenakshi for ruining her life.

Some Interesting Facts About Aranmanai Kili

  • Series title was picked from a 1993 feature film Aranmanai Kili that featured  Rajkiran, Ahana and Gayathri (Baby Santhosh). The English meaning of this title is Parrot of the palace.
  • It was later dubbed in Telugu as Mahallo Kokila.


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