10 Movies With the Most Unexpected Plot Twists

Sometimes movies end with such plot twists which you would never see coming. Some of them may be really mind-boggling while others may be ordinary. Here is a list of movies that had a twist ending that was insane and totally unexpected:


The most unexpected twists in hollywood
Unexpected Movie Plot Twists

This 1960 thriller was one of the first movies which held a twist that no one saw coming. This is the story of Marion, who is on the run after stealing money from her employer. Suddenly, she disappears from the motel she decides to stay in, and the investigation begins to unfold as her lover and sister go on a search mission. The end reveal is so surprising that it is said to have started the trend of unexpected reveals. Now, I’m not going to spoil it. Go see for yourself.

The Sixth Sense

The Most Unexpected Twists To Have Happened In Hollywood Movies

This movie came out in 1999 and introduced the world to M. Night Shyamalan’s jaw-dropping twist ending stories! He is known for storylines that have shocked his audiences and made him one of the masters of surprising climaxes.

The Sixth Sense is a story of Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis), who is a child psychologist. He starts treating a young boy who can talk to dead spirits and it flows so seamlessly that no viewer would think of a reveal so shattering and unanticipated. It will shock you to their core!

Shutter Island

This is a Martin Scorsese movie that released in 2010 and starred big names like Leonardo Dicaprio, Mark Ruffalo, and Ben Kinsley.  The story follows Teddy Daniels and Chuck Aule. They are two US Marshals who are sent to an asylum on a remote island in order to investigate the disappearance of a patient. But the narrative takes an unexpected turn when the truth slowly unravels. It keeps the audience stuck to their seats.

Who is the killer? – Switchblade Romance

Unexpected Movie Plot Twists

This is yet another psycho-thriller which you should definitely watch. I am going to reveal the twist. So, don’t read further if you don’t want to know! Marie is shown as one of the women on the hit list of a serial killer. As it turns out, she herself was the killer and she had constructed certain events as part of her being schizophrenic.

Now You See Me

FBI agent Dylan Rhodes aka Mark Ruffalo was the man behind the magicians, Daniel aka Jesse Eisenberg, Henley aka Isla Fisher, Jack aka Dave Franco, and Merritt aka Woody Harrelson. As soon as the twist revealed itself, we had this burning question in our minds – why did he bring these together? And the answer is that he wanted to take revenge for his father’s death.

Kevin Spacey creates a situation to get arrested – The Life Of David Gale

So, basically, things were not the way you perceived. David Gale didn’t sexually assault and murder Constance Hallaway. Though David was supposedly arrested for the same. Bitsey Bloom, the reporter gets a tape, which reveals that Halladay committed suicide and Gale placed his DNA and created situations wherein he could get arrested.

Fight Club

Unexpected Movie Plot Twists

The big twist in this film at the end is that Tyler Durdan (Brad Pitt’s character) is the same person as the narrator, i.e. Edward Norton’s character. They appeared to be two different people throughout the film. It is the narrator’s madness that creates a fight club (a nightly activity, where people get together to beat the crap out of each other).

But if you imagine it, the scenes involving two people would have been kind of impossible to do or be convincing with just one guy doing it. So, it does not make any sense, why would people join the club of an idiot who is punching himself in the face! But still, the twist did pull the rug from underneath our feet. Full marks for that I guess.

Star Wars: Episode 5

Darth Wader thought that the best time to reveal his true identity to Luke was after he has chopped off his hand. Why the hell would he wait so long to tell that to him? But anyway, it never seemed that Vader had a child in the first film. The truth wasn’t revealed even when he was so close to Luke on the Deathstar in A New Hope. That’s probably what made the twist of Luke’s lineage a big shock to the audience.


Elijah played by Samuel L. Jackson sets up a string of terrible events to try and find a superhero on planet earth. And he does find one too (Bruce Willis’ character David Dunn). David is totally invincible and has survived all these tragedies set up by Elijah. It turns out to be a very unique narrative twist.


plot twists
Unexpected Movie Plot Twists

During the evacuation of the camp, Ian (Jeremy Renner) expresses his love for Louise (Adams). They consider life choices, and whether they would change them if they could know the future. Louise knows already that Ian will father her daughter Hannah, but that he will later leave her when she reveals she knows Hannah will die prematurely. She also knows that when Ian will ask her if she wants to “make a baby”, she will agree, despite knowing their fates. Why would someone do that!

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