25 Rare And Amazing Pictures From Harry Potter Movie Sets

It has been so many years since the Harry Potter movie franchise has been ended, still, Potterheads are obsessed with the movies as well as the books. Check these very rare unseen and amazing pictures of Harry Potter Cast having fun on the set that will make you laugh out loud:

1. With Fun Rita!!

2. Sexy Legs He Got There!!

3. It Takes Too Much Energy For being Evil!!

4. So Cute!!

5. Hairstyle Moments With Director!!

6. He Likes That!!

7. Fake Dobbie!!

8. Dying His Hair!!

9. Ron Is Already Tired!!

10. Perfect Voldemort!!

11. Super Cute!!

12. Aww!!

13. The Golden Trio!!

14. Wow!!

15. Perfect capture!!

16. Oh Harry!!

17. Cedric And Voctor Krum!!

18. Almost Babies!

19. Lovely!!

20. A Little Rain Dance!!

21. What’s With The Wierd Face, Harry!!

22. Dobbie Relaxing!!

23. Krum Having Dance Fun!!

24. Cutie!!

25. Fun Time!!

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