20 Memes Showing How Chris Pratt is too Awesome

Chris Pratt is too awesome for us to handle! He is among the funniest actors in Hollywood. He is popularly known for his mind-blowing role as Marvel comic character Star-Lord in the movie Guardians of The Galaxy part 1 and 2. He also appeared in the blockbuster movie, Avengers Infinity War and Endgame. He is the funniest and craziest man alive which makes us love him even more. Check out some of the funniest Chris Pratt moments that will make you laugh out loud:

1. Fun!!

2. He’s Cute!!

3. He Loves Thor!!

4. LOL!!!

5. The Worst!

6. Kids and The Dinosaurs!!

7. LMAO!!!

8. Go Eat Donut!!

9. He’s The Guy!!

10. He’s Wearing Human!!

11. Stop Baking!!

12. High On Sugar!!

13. Oh God No!!

14. Being Hungry!!

15. Hehe!!

16. There You Go!!

17. Shhh!!

18. The Best Day Ever!!

19. The Crazy Dance!!

20. Yes Yes You Did!!

Seriously! Chris Pratt is way too awesome!!

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