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20 Funniest Suicide Squad Memes For The Fans

Suicide Squad is an anti-hero team-up from the DC comics. The first movie was good but the upcoming Suicide Squad will totally be kickass as James Gunn is directing it. We recently got the trailer and here are some of the funniest Suicide Squad memes for the fans:

1. Relatable!!

2. So Rude!!

3. Understandable!!

4. Looks Exactly The Same!!

5. Perfect!!

6. Me N The Boys!!

7. Hehe!!

8. Never!!

9. Sweet!!

10. Oh Yeah!!

11. Very Good!!

12. Oh No!!

13. That Damned Smile!!

14. Yesss!!

15. Damn Hot!!

16. Congratulations!!

17. Oh Boy!!

18. Yeah!!

19. Who Did It Better!!

20. Perfection!!

Pooja Singh

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