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25 Times Internet Loved Bucky Barnes From Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes is more like a brother to Steve Rogers and we love their relation. Bucky is now appearing on the Disney+ show, Falcon And The Winter Soldier and fans are loving the way his character has been developed in the MCU timeline. Check out the funniest ways through which the internet showed how much they love Bucky Barnes:

1. Mine is One, What’s Yours!!

2. Literally!!

3. Loved This One!!

4. Or Recently On His Back!!

5. Hair And Make-Up Time!!

6. Cute!

7. Goes To Therapy!!

8. Another, Ralph Bohner Meme!!

9. Close Enough!!

10. True!!

11. Oops!!

12. Oh No!!

13. Oh Bucky!!

14. The Trio We Needed!!

15. LOL!!

16. Absolutely!

17. His Arm Power!!

18. Harder And Harder!!

19. Steve’s Plan!!

20. Who’s That Jesus?

21. LMAO!!

22. He Loves The Cap!!

23. Can’t Stop Laughing!!

24. That’s Right Bucky!!

25. Haha!!

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