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20 Times Sebastian Stan Proved Why Fans Love Him So Much

Bucky Barnes is more like a brother to Steve Rogers and we love their relation. Bucky is now appearing on the Disney+ show, Falcon And The Winter Soldier and fans are loving the way his character has been developed in the MCU timeline. Sebastian Stan is the talented actor who portrays the role of Bucky and there are absolutely no words to describe this man, just check out his Instagram handle you will understand it. He is the craziest actor and so here we brought you some of the amazing images of Sebastian Stan that will prove why fans love him so much:

1. The Way He Is Hugging Those Arms!!

2. He And His Grumpy Face!!

3. Wow!!

4. LOL!!

5. Cute Soldier!!

6. Looks Like He Doesn’t Want To Cut His Hair!!

7. Some Alone Time!!

8. All Sorts of Craziness!!

9. Straight Face!!

10. Haha, Acting is Tough!!

11. Couple Goals!!

12. Oh No!!

13. With His Own Shield!!

14. On The Captain America Set!!!

15. December 16, 1991

16. Fun With The Stunt Double!!

17. LMAO!!

18. Handsome!!

19. Crazy Cast!!

20. These Clicks Are The Best!!

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