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20 Times Fans Brutally Roasted John Walker

Falcon And The Winter Soldier is close to its finale and we are absolutely sad over the show which is about to end so soon. The series had major comebacks and fans loved each and every character development. One thing for which fans are still divided is the new Captain America aka John Walker. People still hate the fact that he is not a good Captain America and he will never take his place. So here we brought you some of the funniest and most brutal ways through which fans roasted John Walker which will definitely crack you up:

1. So True!!

2. Haha!!

3. Literally Everyone!!

4. Funny!!

5. Oh No!!

6. Shit!!

7. He Is Doing The Opposite!!

8. Just Smoothie!!

9. Aww!!

10. We Love Zemo!!

11. Oh Yeah!!

12. John Wick Is On His Side!!

13. Why Not!!

14. That’s The Way He Likes It!!

15. Nope!!

16. Looks Same To Me!!

17. Don’t Care At All!!

18. Right!!

19. OK!!

20. Fap!!

Pooja Singh

Her belief lies in the power of elegant intentionality in this world filled with lurid colors.
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