20 Craziest Images of Sam And Bucky That Are Pure Gold

So now the Falcon And The Winter Soldier is finally over, fans are already demanding for the next season. We loved the new Captain America aka Sam Wilson and we are ready to see him in his new suit fighting and teaming u with the White Wolf aka James Bucky Barnes. Here we brought you some of the amazing and craziest images of Sam and Bucky which gives us pure friendship goals:

1. The Way They Rest Their Heads!!

2. Selfie Partners!!

3. Trying The Winter Soldier Metal Arm!!

4. Oh Yeah!!

5. With The Stunt Double!

6. Sweet!!

7. Last Day On The Set!!

8. The Moment When Zemo Was Getting All The Info!!LOL!!

9. Salt n Pepa!!

10. Awesome!!

11. After The Show Is Over, This Is How Exactly We All Are Feeling!!

12. Haha!!!

13. Oh Yeah!!

14. No One Can Hate Spidey More Than These Two Over Here!!

15. Those Moments!!

16. Super Cute!!

17. Friendship Goal!!

18. LOL!!

19. Supporting Each Other!!

20. Selfie Kings!!

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Pooja Singh

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