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20 Times Ryan Reynolds Made Us Laugh So Hard That Will Cheer Up Your Weekend

Ryan Reynolds has lately been in the spotlight after the global success of Deadpool. But the actor is not only admired by followed by Marvel fans but has also wooed non-Marvel fans. That’s simply because of his handsome appearance and sense of humor. He is a truckload of entertainment for his wit and practical jokes. A mere look at his social media handles, videos, and interviews will reveal a sense of humor. It is true that Ryan is the perfect man to play Deadpool for the wicked personalities they share. Check out these best Ryan Reynolds moments that will make you laugh so hard it hurts:

1. Oops!!

2. Super Goals!!

3. LOL!!

4. And Finally His Efforts Succeeded!!

5. True!!

6. Photoshop!!

7. Great Description!!

8. Never Ever!!

9. Smaller Than Normal!!

10. Haha!!

11. Coincidence!!

12. Try And Take It From Him!!

13. Exactly!!

14. OMG!!

15. That Was Him!!

16. Sort of Funny!!

17. Oh No!!

18. Lemonade Daydream!!

19. Real In His Heart!!

20. LMAO!!

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