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20 Times Fans Trolled WB For Not Releasing The Snyderverse

Since Zack Snyder released the 4-hour long classic and amazing Justice League, fans are demanding WB to release the Snyderverse and so here are some of the funniest ways through which fans expressed their feelings towards the cause:

1.  So Rich!!

2. Awesome!!

3. So Great!

4. Best!!

5. Didn’t Disappoint!!

6. LOL!!

7. RIP!!

8. Haha!!

9. Haters Gonna Hate!!

10. Perfect!!

11. Still Owe Us!!

12. Wow!!

13. Have The Dose!!

14. Just The Rookie Numbers!!

15. Nooo!!

16. That Supervillain!!

17. The Legend!!

18. Hehe!!

19. Absolutely!!

20. Accurate!!

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