20 Iconic MCU Moments Taken Directly From The Comics

There are some specific scenes from the source material that were not changed at all. They ended up becoming iconic since the readers could watch their favorite comic book moments being recreated. We bring to you the legendary moments in the MCU that were directly taken from the pages:

1. Doctor Strange

2. Captain America: The First Avenger

3. Avengers: Infinity War

4. Thor Ragnarok

5. Captain America: Civil War

6. Spider-Man: Homecoming

7. Captain America Vs Iron Man

8. When Steve Rogers Hold The Hammer!!

9. Black Panther

10. WandaVision: Vision Crying!!

11. WandaVision: Wanda With Tommy & Billy

12. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

13. Ebony Maw And Doctor Strange

14. Spider-Man: Homecoming

15. Iron Man

16. Thor: The Dark World

17. Thanos

18. Thor And Thanos!

19. Thor: Ragnarok

20. Black Panther

Pooja Singh

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