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20 Times Fans Brutally Trolled Thanos Which Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Thanos is the Mad Titan who seeks to establish his dominance across all realms of the universe. He is the most powerful supervillain in the Marvel universe. In Avengers Infinity War we saw how he just snapped and destroyed half of the Universe just like that even our mightiest Avengers couldn’t defeat him. In Endgame it was just next to impossible to defeat him again, but Iron Man saved us all in the end. But fans never miss a chance to make any character look funny and here we brought you some of the funniest ways through which fans brutally trolled Thanos:

1. Oh No!!

2. Now We Get That!!

3. Exactly!!

4. Still Figuring It Out!!

5. Whanos!!

6. Perfect!!

Fans Trolled Thanos

7. Lmao!!

8. Better Idea!!

9. Woof Woof!!

Fans Trolled Thanos

10. Oops!!

11. Eat Your Peas!!

12. Perfectly Balanced!!

Fans Trolled Thanos

13. Hehe!!

14. OMG!!

15. LOL!!

Fans Trolled Thanos

16. Can’t Unsee It!!

17. Shit!!

Fans Trolled Thanos

18. LMAO!!

19. Infinity Stones Obsession!!

20. That’s Right!!

Fans Trolled Thanos

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