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20 Quicksilver Vs Quicksilver Memes Which Will Puzzle Out The Fans

WandaVision Show is getting tenser and tenser with each one of its episodes. And then we saw X-Men’s Quicksilver on Wanda’s doorstep which blew our minds off. Just when we thought of Wanda bringing her brother back from dead, she just recast Pietro. It is exciting to know that fans are divided into which Quicksilver is the best, and so here we brought you some of the funniest Quicksilver vs Quicksilver memes which you puzzle out the fans:

1. What Do You Guys Think?

2. Triggered!!

3. Exactly!!

4. We Love Them Both!!

5. LOL!!

6. Woah!!

7. Absolutely!!


8. True!!

9. Intensifies!!

10. We Agree That!!

11. Haha!!

12. Aww!!

13. Shit Got Real!!

14. Oops!!

15. Not Bad!!

16. Awesome!!

17. Really!!

18. Oh God!!

19. Haha!!

20. KIckass!!

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